Zawahiri encourages Muslims to look up to Islamic jihadists as role models

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In a video broadcast by Al Qaeda's media wing "As Sahab," Ayman al Zawahiri urged the worldwide Muslim community, or Ummah, to accept famous jihadist leaders as role models. The video statement is from Episode 5 of the series "Deal of the Century or Crusades Spanning Centuries."

The video asking for the admiration of past and contemporary Sunni jihadists has not only sparked Islamic radicalization, but has also increased global terror danger ratings. Earlier videos in the series included Zawahiri opposing Arab leaders and "educating" Muslims on Al Qaeda ideology.

Zawahiri has also called for jihad against India and Bangladesh for blasphemy against the Muhammad , threatening to carry out suicide strikes in major Indian cities.

According to intelligence reports, Zawahiri is presently located in Afghanistan near the Durand Line border, however the Taliban administration denies this and claims the terror boss is in Iran. Al Qaeda, being a terror group with staunch Salafist origins, has no room for the Shia or Sufi branches of Islam.

With the ascent of the Taliban in Afghanistan, Al Qaeda's core leadership has increased, with the terror organisation armed with the most advanced weaponry, explosives, and night vision equipment when the US-led coalition forces leave Afghanistan on August 15, 2021.

The terrorist organisation, which appears to have a media branch in Pakistan, has begun drawing militant recruits for worldwide operations and is receiving funds from Middle Eastern nations such as Qatar and Turkey.

The Islamic State of Khorasan Province (ISKP) in Afghanistan has expanded in cadre strength since its top commanders were freed from jails with the arrival of the Taliban and the quick withdrawal of US soldiers.

The ISKP, which has ties to the Pakistani deep state, has targeted the Taliban in the Islamic Emirate armed with cutting-edge guns and rocket launchers.

With Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood operating through proxies in the Indian subcontinent, Islamic radicalization is likely to rise rapidly, since the Taliban is the new paradigm for jihadists. The Taliban's ability to drive US forces out of Afghanistan serves as a model for secretive jihadists to emerge and wreak havoc across the subcontinent.

Counter-terrorism authorities are taking the Al Qaeda threat of bomb strikes in India seriously, as the entire objective of a prospective strike would be to induce a reaction and increase division in Indian society.

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