Tragic Execution of Three Christians by ISWAP in Nigeria

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In a harrowing display of violence, the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) has executed three Christian men in Borno state, Nigeria. The brutal act was carried out by masked gunmen and documented through images that have since circulated on social media.

The victims, abducted from a vehicle traveling along a northern Nigerian highway, were forced to kneel before their captors, bound and defenseless. The images, shared by the Islamic State group's propaganda outlet, Amaq News Agency, show the moments before and after the execution, with the latter revealing the men's bodies amidst a haze of gunfire.

This targeted attack on Christians is part of a larger pattern of persecution, as evidenced by ISWAP's January assaults on Christian villages, resulting in 12 deaths and the displacement of numerous individuals. The group's explicit call to "kill (Christians) where you find them" underscores the severity of the threat they pose to religious minorities.

The Christian Association of Nigeria, represented by Rev. Ibrahim Abako, has expressed deep concern for the safety of Christians in the region. The association's statement highlights the urgent need for action to protect these communities from further violence.

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