Russia has captured an ISIS suicide bomber who planned to kill a prominent Political leader in India in a suicide attack

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Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) officials have arrested an ICS (ISIS) suicide bomber who planned to kill a prominent political leader in India with the aim of retaliating against his blasphemous remarks. 
During interrogation, the is suicide bomber has reportedly confessed that he planned to deliver goods to carry out terror attacks in India at the behest of ISIS for insulting Muhammad.

"Russia's FSB identified and imprisoned a man who planned to kill a ruler in India by detonating it as a human bomb. He is a member of the Islamic State, an international terrorist organization that is banned in Russia, and belongs to a country in the Central Asian region," the statement said.

According to the Russian security agency, the captured ISIS bomber was recruited in Turkey between April and June this year. The instructional classes were conducted through the Telegram app.

"Between April and June 2022, he was recruited as a suicide bomber by ISIS leaders in Turkey. The instructional classes were conducted through the Telegram app. It has also been confirmed that the information was transmitted through private meetings in Istanbul," the Russian security agency said in a statement.

"Subsequently, the man who was selected as a suicide bomber took a pledge of allegiance to the amir of ISIS. Thereafter, he was given the task of going to Russia, completing the required documents, flying to India and carrying out terrorist attacks," the FSB added.

The central government has declared the Islamic State (IS) and all its constituents as a terrorist organisation and included them in the First Schedule of the UAPA Act.

According to the Union Home Ministry, the IS is using internet-based social media platforms to propagate their ideology. The investigating agencies are closely monitoring the cyberspace related to this and are taking legal action.

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