Mother from Gaza refers to Hamas as dogs for killing her kid.

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In the aftermath of an Israeli airstrike against Gaza for the October 7th 2023 Hamas attack, a heart-wrenching scene unfolds as a grieving mother finds herself overwhelmed with sorrow and despair. Overwhelmed by the loss of her beloved son, she is unable to contain her emotions and breaks down in tears.

In the midst of her anguish, her eyes catch sight of a journalist's camera, and a surge of anger and frustration engulfs her. In a moment of desperation, she raises her voice and cries out, blaming the tragic incident on what she perceives as the actions of "this all happened because of those Hamas dogs"

However, her outburst is met with hostility from a supposed "rescue-worker" who forcefully grabs her face and tells her to "shut up". This heart-wrenching scene captures the raw emotions and devastating consequences of conflict.

Source: Visegrád 24 on X: "A mother cries over the body of her son who was killed in an Israeli airstrike against Gaza. She sees a journalist’s camera and screams “this all happened because of those Hamas dogs”. A “rescue-worker” grabs her face and tells her to “shut up”" / X (

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