More than 50 people are killed in a bombing at a mosque in Kabul.

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After Friday prayers at a Kabul mosque, a huge explosion killed more than 50 people, according to the mosque's head, the latest in a string of strikes on civilian targets in Afghanistan during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The incident occurred in the early afternoon at the Khalifa Sahib Mosque in the capital's west, according to Besmullah Habib, deputy spokesperson for the interior ministry, who stated the official verified dead toll was ten.

After Friday prayers, attendees at the Sunni mosque gathered for an assembly known as Zikr, a religious commemoration practised by some Muslims but considered heretical by certain hardline Sunni organisations.

According to the mosque's leader, Sayed Fazil Agha, a suicide bomber joined them in the ceremony and detonated explosives.

He told Reuters that "Black smoke rose and spread everywhere, dead bodies were everywhere," and that his nephews were among the deceased. "I myself survived, but lost my beloved ones."

Mohammad Sabir, a local, said he saw injured individuals being transported into ambulances.

"The blast was very loud, I thought my eardrums were cracked," he stated.

So far, hospitals have received 66 dead corpses and 78 wounded persons, according to a health source.

The US and the UN mission in Afghanistan also denounced the incident, with the latter claiming that it was part of an upswing in violence against minorities in recent weeks, and that at least two UN staff members and their families were in the mosque at the time.

"No words are strong enough to condemn this despicable act," Mette Knudsen, the United Nations Secretary-Deputy General's Special Representative for Afghanistan, stated.

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