Islamist terrorists kill 160+ Christians in Nigeria on Christmas Eve 2023

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A horrific massacre of Christians took place in Nigeria on the night of December 24, 2023, when Islamist terrorists attacked at least 20 Christian communities in Plateau state. The attackers, belonging to the Fulani ethnic group, murdered 162 men, women, children and even babies, and left about 500 injured, according to local sources.

The victims were celebrating Christmas Eve, a Christian holiday, when the terrorists stormed their villages with guns, machetes and explosives. The terrorists also burned down houses, churches and crops, leaving a trail of destruction and bloodshed.

The Nigerian government has not yet issued an official statement on the massacre, nor has it deployed security forces to the affected areas. The international community has also remained largely silent on the genocide of Christians in Nigeria, which has been going on for years.

According to Vatican News, more than 52,000 Christians have been killed by Islamist terrorists in Nigeria in the last 14 years. The main perpetrators are the Fulani terrorists and the Boko Haram group, both of which seek to impose Sharia law and eradicate Christianity from the country.

The survivors of the latest massacre have appealed for help and justice, as they mourn their loved ones and fear for their lives. Some of the gruesome images of the massacre have been shared on social media, showing the extent of the brutality and cruelty of the terrorists.

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