'Libya's first Indian suicide bomber is a Malayalee'; ISIS magazine Voice of Khurasan revealed

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It has been revealed that the Indian who carried out the first suicide attack in Libya was a Malayalee. The revelation was made in the Voice of Khurasan, the mouthpiece of ISIS. 

It has been revealed that the first Indian to commit suicide on behalf of ISIS is a Malayalee.

The attack was carried out by a Christian youth born in Kerala who converted to Islam while working in the Gulf and then joined ISIS and carried out suicide attacks in Libya. 

The article on the suicide bomber is in the magazine's most recent issue's "Memories of Shuhada" chapter, which honours individuals who lost their lives supporting IS.

However, 'Voice of Khurasan' does not mention his name or the year the incident took place. He was working in isis under the name Of "Aboobacker Al-Hindi" and became drawn to Islam while living in the United Arab Emirates. He then conducted more research on the faith using readily available online resources before converting to Islam.

After becoming a Muslim, he allegedly became drawn to the Jihadi doctrine and made touch with the IS sleeper cells in Dubai. He had intended to travel to Yemen for more instruction, but was unable to do so and instead went back to his native Kerala. 

After a while in Kerala, he received word from his IS contacts that there was a chance in Libya, so he travelled there pretending to be looking for employment. 

The article claims that he battled the Libyan Army in Sirsit, the IS stronghold, before turning into a suicide bomber and blowing himself up. 

One hundred young people from Kerala are known to have left Kerala's shores for the IS, according to sources in the Central Intelligence Agency, and more individuals may have joined the IS in Syria and Yemen, according to officials.

According to the organization's spokesperson, "Voice of Khorasan," "Aboobacker Al- Hindi" is the third individual from Kerala to have died in support of the Islamic Jihad promoted by the group.

Mohsin from Trikkaripur in the Kasargod district of Kerala was the first person who, according to IS, turned into a suicide bomber. On March 25, 2020, he detonated a suicide bomb in a Sikh Gurudwara in Kabul before blowing himself up. 

In a previous printing of "Voice of Khoarasan," he was referred to as "Abukhalid Al-Hindi." He and two others carried out the suicide bombing, which resulted in the deaths of 25 people.

Dr. Ejas, a former member of the IS who came from Kerala's Kasargod district, is the second person featured in the IS magazine. He was a doctor with the full name Ejas Kallukettupurayil. The IS media section praises him for the "brave act" of assaulting a Kabul jail and murdering 39 people.

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