Protests erupted after pepper spray was used on ladies who had come to watch World Cup qualifiers.

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After a brief break, Iran's anti-women position is being debated across the world. Protests have erupted in response to the use of pepper spray on ladies who had gone to the Reza stadium to witness Iran play Lebanon in a World Cup qualifier.

Iran's decision to prohibit the inclusion of women in packages has been met with condemnation from a variety of sectors, with many claiming that it is unfit for a civilised country. Hundreds of women have been assaulted. Following the event, women's organisations have urged for Iran to be barred from competing in the World Cup.

Women came to the streets to protest Iran's compulsory headscarf law. On Tuesday evening, Iran and Lebanon played a World Cup qualifier at the Imam Reza Football Stadium.

Over 2,000 ladies had purchased tickets to see the game. Women were barred from entering the stadium just before it opened. Pepper spray was also used on the ladies who attempted to enter the stadium by security officers.

Masih An Iranian activist, Ali Nejad, has called on FIFA to exclude Iran from participating in World Cup matches.

"The humiliation I've endured as an Iranian lady is immense."The humiliation I have faced as an Iranian woman is huge. I am calling on FIFA to ban the Islamic Republic. Iranian women have been barred from entering the stadium for 42 years. What would be your reaction if western countries were to ban women in this way? What's the difference between us and western women? If FIFA does not accept our demand, it is a dictatorial stance. " FIFA must be prepared to take a strong stand against class discrimination and gender inequality." Ali Nejad demanded.

Since 1979, women have been barred from entering athletic arenas in Iran. Under pressure from nations across the world and FIFA, Iran began allowed women to join the tournament venue in 2018.

Women were allowed to enter the stadium to watch international matches in January of this year. When a woman attempted to enter the stadium masquerading as a male in 2018, security personnel apprehended her.

However, the lady committed suicide because she was afraid of going to jail for impersonation. Fifa then requested that Iran allow women to join the stadium.

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