Shed your ego, attend examinations, says Karnataka minister to students in the midst of a hijab controversy

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Karnataka Education Minister BC Nagesh on Sunday urged students who insist on wearing hijab to drop their egos and sit for the important Class 10 exams.

"Leave the ego and attend exams. Majority of students are following the High Court verdict and government notification,"He stated.

Re-tests will be held after one month for individuals who do not attend the exams. "Barring this, no other option is available for them," he explained.

"I have faith that they (students who are opposing) will also realise the importance of exams and attend. I repeatedly appeal... shed your ego and do not become a scapegoat for others,"He said.

A total of 17 lakh youngsters are preparing for the SSLC examinations. Classes are alleged to have been boycotted by about 100 pupils.

"I have made appeals many times and the Chief Minister (Basavaraj Bommai) has also made appeals," he added.

"Tomorrow (Monday), the SSLC exam will be conducted in 3,444 examination centres. A total of 8,74,000 children are taking up exams. Adequate staff is provided to conduct examination. I have confidence that the children will appear in the exams as per the verdict of the High Court," said the Minister.

Nagesh added, "This time, the multiple choice questions are increased. Let students attend exams without any fear and with all the confidence,".

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