Famous Afghan News Reader forced to sell food on Street to support his family after Talibans takeover

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To support family, a well-known Afghan TV host now sells street food.

Due to the financial crisis, a famous Afghan journalist was forced to sell food on the streets to feed his family.

A snapshot of a popular presenter and reporter from several TV stations serving meals on Musa Mohammadi Street has gone viral.

"Musa Mohammed worked as a presenter and reporter for various TV channels for many years and now has no income to feed his family. & Sells street food to earn some money. #Afkanians are experiencing unprecedented poverty after the fall of the republic," tweeted Kabir Hakmal, a former government official under Hamid Karzai.

Meanwhile, since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, the country has been in a humanitarian and economic disaster. Many journalists, particularly women, have lost their jobs in recent months, and they have taken dramatic measures against the media.

News by: Enhance let Added on: 18-Jun-2022

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