Kerala Muslim Body Leader Scolds Members for Inviting a Class 10 Girl Student to Receive an Award on Stage

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On social media, a video showing a senior leader of a Muslim academic group reprimanding other members for inviting a Class 10 girl student on stage to receive an award has sparked outrage. 

This was a great insult and harrassment towards the minor girl student.

In the video, Abdulla Musaliyar is heard questioning members of the Samastha Kerala Jem-iyyathul Ulama (SKJU), "Who called her here (to the stage)? If you do such things again, I will show you. Don’t call such girls over here. Don’t you know Samastha rules? Invite the parents here. Did you call the girl? Don’t do such things when we are sitting here. Won’t this come in the photo?"

Samastha conducted an event at Malappuram to honour students who are SKJU members.

Former national vice-president of the Muslim Students Federation, advocate Fathima Thahiliya, has severely condemned this. Thahiliya posted on Facebook, "The leadership of the community should encourage and keep these Muslim girls close to the community. Insulting them and keeping them away from the stage will have long-lasting consequences in the society. Those going through such insults may end up hating the religion and its leaders."

Ustad's actions have evoked sharp reactions from troll groups and social media.

It has also been noticed that the so called secular progressive politicians in Kerala do not appear on news channels during discussions on this. Malayala Manorama reporter Nisha reacted to this double standards of politicians through the News.

News by: Enhance let Added on: 11-May-2022

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