Canadian Sheikh encourages al-Jihad and promises: "The martyr will have 72 al-hourilin, those maidens in Jannah"

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On December, 2023, Sheikh Younus Kathrada, a Canadian Islamic scholar, delivered a sermon titled "Jihad and Martyrdom" on the Muslim Youth Victoria YouTube channel. During the livestream, Sheikh Kathrada discussed the blessings bestowed upon martyrs who die while fighting for the sake of Allah.

These blessings include the reception of 72 houri virgins in Paradise. Sheikh Kathrada acknowledged that the enemies of Islam often ridicule Muslims for the belief in these virgins and label the mujahideen as terrorists.

However, he asserted that these individuals are simply jealous of the Muslims and their devotion. He condemned Muslims who mock the concept of receiving 72 virgins, emphasizing that Allah's martyrs have made immense sacrifices for the sake of Islam and should not be ridiculed.

Additionally, Sheikh Kathrada praised the mujahideen in Gaza, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Kashmir, expressing his desire to be counted among those who have been martyred in Allah's cause.

He concluded his sermon by praying for victory for the mujahideen worldwide, the destruction of the Jews, and the liberation of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

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