A new book by Pastor Chacko Antony on responses to questions and criticisms by Islamists

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Kerala: In a significant contribution to the field of Christian apologetics, Pastor Chacko Antony has authored a compelling new book titled "The Holy Bible and Islam: A Response to Criticisms." in Malayalam. This publication emerges as a critical resource amidst a surge of Christian youth expressing interest in apologetics, particularly in addressing contentious ideas within Islam.

The scarcity of robust apologetic literature in Malayalam has been a longstanding challenge for young Christian apologists. While there is an abundance of Christian study materials and spiritual texts in the language, there is a notable dearth of works specifically dedicated to Christian-Islam apologetics. Pastor Chacko's book aims to fill this gap, offering an authoritative and engaging discourse on the subject.

The book's release was also announced by Brother Anil Kumar V Ayyappan, a fellow Christian apologist, through the YouTube channel TruthFighters, known for its dedication to defending the faith. The video accompanying the announcement provides an overview of the book's significance and invites viewers to explore themselves with its profound thoughts.

For those interested in obtaining a copy, contact details have been provided for Pastor Chacko Antony (+91 9745202097) and Brother Ajeesh Joseph (+91 9526807050, +91 9072311333). The book is published by Sakshi Apologetics Network and promises to be an essential addition to the libraries of Christians seeking to deepen their understanding of religious apologetics.

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