SKSSF Leader's Controversial Remark: Hands to be Cut Off for Troubling Samastha Scholars

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Kozhikode, Kerala : Sathar Panthalloor, a prominent leader of SKSSF (Samastha Kerala Sunni Students Federation), has made a statement that has sparked controversy. Panthalloor stated that SKSSF activists would take action against anyone who causes trouble for the scholars of Samastha by cutting off their hands.

He said the following:

If Samastha Mushawara takes a decision, it should be accepted. Samastha and SKSSF do not need those who do not approve.

We have only one obligation. It is only with the Samastha Kerala Jam Iyyath ul Ulama. The cadres of the SKSSF will come forward to cut off the hand of anyone who comes to hate, trouble and slap the great scholars of that samastha, its ustads and its sadats.

No one should see this as rude. Everyone should recognize this as a warning to the activists of a movement born for the Samasta Kerala Jam Iyat-ul-Ulama, who live for it and are willing to die for it.

This controversial remark was delivered during the concluding rally of the Muqaddas Sandesha Yatra in Malappuram. Panthalloor emphasized that if Samastha Mushawara makes a decision, it should be respected.

Furthermore, he expressed that both Samastha and SKSSF do not require the presence of individuals who are not committed to their cause.

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