'PFI's financial source is the Gulf, organizations will be formed and collected' THE NIA FINDINGS

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KOCHI: According to the NIA investigation, the banned popular front is funded by Gulf nations. There are almost 100 accounts with the PFI. The team gathered information regarding the bank transactions and proceeded with the investigation. The Enforcement Directorate has opened an investigation into this matter.

Money is transmitted from overseas to various banks in the nation via an NRI account. The money that arrives at home is then transferred to the accounts of PFI leaders. Money acquired by founding companies under various names in the Gulf nations was also brought home. The investigative team also revealed that the PFI was functioning in Kuwait under the name of 'Kuwait Indian Forum'. The organisation also stated that it has received annual membership fees from forum members for its activities in India.

The inquiry in Oman is centred on two pillars. The money gathered there was transported back to the country. The proceeds from real estate and the operation of a licenced tavern are also returned home. The funds are being collected in the pretext of assisting Muslims in the nation. The NIA has obtained proof of money being sent from here to SDPI leaders in the area.

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