India will launch a digital gaming research initiative to promote and popularise native culture

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According to a senior official, India is about to begin a digital gaming research effort to create high-end technology for an immersive gaming environment with the goal of promoting and popularising Indian culture.

The Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) Digital Gaming Research Initiative will be divided into three sections: R&D in Learning and Leisure Gaming Platforms, Collaborative Technical Design Process: SERB Game Labs, and Immersive Game Prototypes with a Focus on Indian Culture and Values.

On Twitter, SERB Secretary Sandeep Verma stated that the R&D initiative will bring together academia, start-ups, and industry to rapidly evolve high-end R&D concepts for the development of Indian game engines, procedural content generators, and design patents/copyrights on player and community-centric games.

According to Verma, digital games and simulations provide fascinating S&T issues for study and translation, with enormous economic potential on a worldwide scale.

According to him, innovation will comprise cross-disciplinary study in engineering, computer science, visual graphics, fine arts, and social sciences.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been advocating for a larger Indian presence in the international gaming industry.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the formation of a task group to develop the animation, visual effects, gaming, and comic book industries.

Several domestic game companies have lately revealed intentions to release India-themed games, such as Indus Battle Royale, which is inspired by the weaponry and landscapes of India's early civilization.

As a reaction to PUBG and Free Fire, Indian gamers launched FAUG – Fearless and United Guards, an India-themed battle royale game.

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