‘Muhammad: The POSCO Criminal’ Short Film may be released by Christian Organisation

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There is a possibility that the Christian Association And Alliance For Social Action (CASA) may distribute its short film 'Muhammad: The Pocso Criminal'. The short film was created with the aim of raising awareness about the growing number of child abuse cases. CASA's first short film, 'Muhammad,' will be distributed as part of its awareness campaign.

A 6-year-old girl playing in the backyard of her house in Assam's Dibrugarh district was brutally sexually assaulted by a 65-year-old kama-mad, Mohammad Wasim, a Bangladeshi, in a brutal manner in 1997.

Directed by Derin Vasco, Rachana Shyam, music by Dan Vasco, costume by Amal Das, makeup by Haripriya and editing by Arun Black Springs.

It is known that the short film was a response to the making of the film called 'Eesho: Not from the Bible', Kerala based film directed by Nadirsha.

Christians in Kerala are unhappy because the film's title is 'Jesus,' with not so better poster. Although Nadirshah claims that the film has no references to Jesus. However, because Christians are unwilling to accept it, Nadirshah stated that the phrase "not from the Bible" will be deleted from the film's title.

Many people including political figures supported Nadirsha. They claim that giving the name 'Eesho' (Jesus) on a film is considered to be freedom of expression. In the same sense CASA is releasing the short film named 'Muhammad'

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