To avoid sexual abuse, there should be awareness in the curriculum: Kerala High Court

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Kochi: The High Court has ordered the state government to develop a school curriculum that includes sexual abuse prevention knowledge. In this respect, the high court instructed the state education department and the CBSE. Justice Bachu Kurian Thomas issued an important high court order.

The strategy should be created with the student' ages in mind. Within two months, the syllabus should be completed. For this, an expert committee should be established. The court also urged that Erins Law be adopted as in United States. When sex education is included as a subject in the curriculum, this can be used as a guideline. It is specified in the order.

Simultaneously, a stance has been made in favour of instituting co-education in schools. Education Minister Sivankutty stated that there would be no turning back. The education minister stated that the choice to make schools mixed is up to the PTAs and local governments.

The idea from the proposed gender neutrality curricular approach paper to mix boys and girls was abandoned the other day. The phrase "education based on gender equality" has been replaced with "education based on gender justice." The adjustment was made to the draft paper, which was made available to the public for comment prior to the production of the curricular approach document.

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