Milk powder costs Rs 1900/kg and rice costs Rs 220/kg at Sri Lanka's crisis-hit supermarkets

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In Sri Lanka, rising inflation and a weakening currency have caused basic commodities costs to rise.

People in the island country are waiting for hours to buy petrol, food, and medications, despite the fact that they are in the midst of a historic economic disaster.

Many people go empty-handed most of the time. Either the business has run out of stock or their funds have run out.

Vegetable prices have more than quadrupled in recent weeks, while rice and wheat were selling for Rs 220 per kg and Rs 190 per kg, respectively.

Sugar was selling for Rs 240 per kilogramme, while coconut oil was selling for Rs 850 per litre. A single egg will set you back Rs 30. Even more incredible, a one-kilogram box of milk powder now costs Rs 1900.

Sri Lanka's retail inflation already reached 17.5% in February, with food inflation exceeding 25%, resulting in exorbitant food and cereal costs. In addition, there is a severe scarcity of medications and milk powder.

Following the crisis, popular dissatisfaction with the government has grown. Protests have erupted across the nation, including in the capital, with agitators blaming the Rajapaksa administration for food shortages and prolonged power outages.

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has proclaimed a state of emergency and imposed a 36-hour curfew in response to significant unrest and demands for large anti-government rallies.

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