Usman, who set a record in smuggling 101 sovereigns of gold hiding in his anus, seized in Karipur

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MALAPPURAM: A passenger who hid 101 sovereigns of gold was arrested in Karipur. Usman, a passenger who arrived on a Bahrain flight this morning, tried to smuggle the gold by hiding it in the anus. He is a native of Koduvally. The gold hunt was carried out by the customs through an X-ray test.

This is a record in smuggling gold hiding in anus. 

Usman, age of 29, hid 808 grams of the gold mixture in three capsules in his anus. Customs had received secret information that he was smuggling gold. Following this, the customs monitored his movements as soon as the plane landed.

At the same time, gold smuggling is on the rise in the state. The gold was seized from a passenger who came down after a customs check at kannur airport. The airport police seized gold worth more than Rs 50 lakh from MV Hussaini (42), a native of Melparamba in Kasargod, who arrived on a Go First flight from Dubai in the early hours of Monday. More than one kg of gold was hidden inside his box.

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