Three people have been detained for allegedly raping a 19-year-old girl with disabilities in a group setting in Malappuram

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MALAPPURAM: A 19-year-old girl with differently-abled was gang-raped there. The girl got lost while travelling to a relative's home and ended up at Parappanangadi.

In relation to the event, three people have been taken into custody. The three people detained have been identified as being from Parappanangadi, namely Muneer, Sajeer, and Prajeesh.

The girl was on her way to a relative's house in Kozhikode. In the meantime, she lost her way and reached Parappanangadi. Muneer and Prajeesh approached the girl when she reached the railway station to go to Kozhikode.

They told the girl that there is a house nearby that helps people and they can take her there. They were pressurising the girl who said she was not interested. The girl was then taken to an isolated building and raped. The girl was later handed over to Sajeer, an auto driver. He also took the girl to the lodge and raped her. After this, the girl was again taken to Parappanangadi railway station. 

The injured girl got off the train at Kasargod. From here, the police took her to the hospital. The police arrested the accused on the basis of the information provided by the girl.

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