Muslim Imam arrested for attempt to rape in the name of witchcraft in Thiruvananthapuram

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Thiruvananthapuram: In an incident where a girl was tortured in the name of a wizard, an Islamic priest was arrested. Sajir Maulavi, a wise native, is the one who was arrested. Sajir was the Imam at the Vellara Junction Juma Masjid. He attempted to torture the girl, who was a native of Vellara Junction, in the name of changing her serpent defect. He called her to his residence to try to torture her.

During the time when he was the Imam at Tekkeparam Juma Masjid, Velarada Swadeshi had established a connection with the family. Later, when one of the twenty-three young women in the family got married and failed to have children, they blamed her infertility on Velarada Swadeshi due to serpent dosha. Victim was then taken to his place of residence for a remedial action.

He then sexually assaulted the girl.She soon ran away from home and went to her neighbor's house. The family then went to the local police station and informed them of about Imam's abuse. Based on her statement, the police searched the jungle near the Netumangadu village and found evidence of the crime. Then police have arrested Imam and he is in custody.

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