3 kg of gold; Bushra Keeprath smuggled inside the Pardha; Jamsheed Etteppadan and Abdul Shamil, who smuggled into the anus; was arrested.

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Malappuram: The customs have launched a massive gold hunt in Karipur Airport. 3.059 kilograms of gold was seized from the three. The market value of this gold is around Rs 1.36 crore. 

1.054 kilograms of gold from Jamsheed Ettepadan's (32) anus, 679 grams of gold seized from Abdul Shamil's (26) anus, Bushra keeprath's  undergarments contained 1.077 kilograms of gold; were attempted to smuggle.

Apart from this, about 1 kilogram of gold was also found abandoned on the plane. Eight gold bars were found on a flight from Jeddah.

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