CASA founder Kevin Peter's own experience on love jihad

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CASA ( Christian Association And Alliance For Social Action ) Founder Kevin Peter who lost his own daughter in Love Jihad love trap.

About how and why the organization 'CASA' came into being, its Founder President Mr. Kevin Peter narrates his own heart-wrenching life experience through Clubhouse.

In Kerala, thousands of non-Muslim girls (mostly Christian girls) fall into their fake love net called Love Jihad, which is carried out in a very systematic manner by Islamist men, and thus the Islamic terrorists who are destroying Christian Hindu families and religions are getting all sorts of help from many Muslims inside and outside Kerala, a fact that everyone can see and feel here!

Christian girls and families who still don't understand the fact that the terrorist fraud called love jihad is going on here unofficially but very continuously under that name, many Christian preachers warned about this publicly.

Most of the political parties in Kerala or India do not pretend to see the social calamities planned by such terrorists for the sake of their selfish interests.

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