The gold was seized inside Shahala's undergarments by the police during a detailed search, who had evaded customs.

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The arrest of a 19-year-old Kasargod girl Shahala is the 87th gold smuggling case confiscated by police near Karipur airport. Even if the gold is transported out by dodging customs within the airport, a police monitoring ring would be set up in Karipur. In most situations, the police catch gold smugglers using confidential information. It is worth noting, however, that all of information comes from people who arrive after the customs inspection.

On the orders of the Malappuram district police chief, a police aid desk was put up outside the Karipur airport in January last year. The helpdesk's major goal was to monitor travellers arriving at the airport and prevent gold smuggling. The helpdesk supplemented the police aid station located outside the airport.

After kidnappings and robberies by gold smuggling gangs operating at the airport became regular, the police planned to set up a helpdesk outside the Karipur airport. In 2021, a car accident in Ramanattukara that killed five persons was related to gold smuggling. Within a few days of the mission, the police had successfully apprehended the gold smugglers outside the airport. Many people have been detained in connection with the gold smuggling case since then.

The police force will primarily watch travellers who exit following customs check. They will be detained and questioned based on previously obtained classified information or if there is any doubt. Those who arrive to greet the travelers will also be beneath police monitoring.

The recent seizure of a customs employee implicated in gold smuggling was also a police accomplishment. Muniyappa, superintendent of customs, was apprehended by police while handing over gold smuggled by two foreign passengers. Muniyappa's'smuggling costs' were estimated to be approximately Rs 25,000. A police officer stationed at the airport to prevent smuggling was apprehended outside the terminal with the smuggled gold.

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